Polyurethane Injection

Traditional mudjacking is messy, disruptive, and sometimes creates more settling and shifting in your concrete. 

The thick and heavy slurry puts added weight on already loosely compacted soils and the mix is water absorbent which leads to more erosion and damage from the Midwestern freeze thaw cycle.  The slurry cure time leaves your repaired area inaccessible and the large holes needed to pump the thick heavy mix are unsightly and way to frequent. 

Because of all these reasons polyurethane foam lifting is the cleaner, easier, and least disruptive solution to your concrete settling issues in the Omaha area.

Our technicians can verify and estimate your damages while at your home or business. We then use 5/8 inch drilled holes, rather than 2-4 inch holes used in mudjacking, to inject the 2 part foam process.  Once the foam is injected it is able to run freely to fill all voids but within seconds begins to harden and lift the sunken concrete. 

Because of the quick set up we are able to inject the correct amount of foam the first time so that you can be confident that the lifting is done right in the first trip.  The polyurethane foam does not retain water, so you will not need to worry about erosion of the materials and weighs 15 times less than mudjacking materials. 

This creates less stress on the subgrade preventing further compaction and settling, and you can choose foam lifting with confidence knowing that it is used on runways and in heavy commercial areas with a lifting strength of nearly 6000 pounds per square foot!

The foam is also made from recycled materials and at the same time you have saved good concrete from the landfill so you can feel comfortable about the decision to repair your concrete and its impact on the environment.