Concrete Caulking

It is important to remember that your concrete sunk for a reason and we can help diagnose and repair that issue as well.  Many times improper run off or drainage can allow water to settle and seep into your concrete at the joints.  This can allow for soil erosion and water penetration below the slab which when freeze thaw cycle occur the concrete can sink or heave. 

Other times the slabs of concrete were installed in a way that diverts water incorrectly and lifting the concrete on one side can divert the water in the desired direction. 

Once we have lifted the concrete we provide a service to caulk the joints of the lifted slab to keep the moisture out.  For your warranty to be valid the joints surrounding the slab we raised must be caulked. This will cut down significantly on settling and erosion issues and help prevent further soil loss.

Our concrete caulking of choice is Tremco Dymonic 100.  This is a high performance, high movement, single-component, polyurethane sealant. Dymonic 100 is a durable, flexible sealant that offers excellent performance for moving joints and exhibits tenacious adhesion once fully cured.  An excellent choice for expansion in control joints for concrete and masonry.

Features and benefits include movement capability of +100/-50% in typical field conditions, is low VOC, paintable, jet fuel – resistant, and will not crack, crase or yellow under extreme UV exposure. 

It is suitable for water immersion and has a unique capability to adhere to damp or green concrete.  It has a skin time of 2 hr with a tack – free time of 6 to 8 hr to significantly reduce dirt attraction.  Excellent adhesion and compatibility to a wide variety of construction substrates and has the compatibility of handling a broad range of joint sizes. 

Dymonic 100 provides for wide range of joint movement capabilities combined with excellent elongation and recovery properties.  Dymonic 100 has a sealant validation from the Sealant•Waterproofing &  Restoration Institute.