Poly Lifting

Poly-lifting is the new and improved version of mud-jacking.  This innovative process is gaining popularity due to its strength and quick set up.  The two part poly process reacts once mixed and injected through small holes in your concrete slab.  Once it is mixed and injected the foam is able to run freely to fill more of the void than traditional mud-jacking.  It then dries quickly and forms a hard shell that is adverse to water and future erosion. 

Our poly foam sets up in 15 minutes to strength of up to 6000 pounds per square foot.  This means that once our crew cleanly injects our poly-lifting foam at your home or office you are able to fully use that concrete when we leave.  This saves you days or even weeks compared to mud-jacking or concrete replacement.   It is also important to remember that your concrete settled for a reason and usually that reason is improper soil compaction or soil erosion.  Our poly-lifting system is light weight and will not further depress or compact the soil like the heavy components of mud-jacking can.

Poly-lifting is also more environmentally friendly than concrete replacement.  This is due to the fact that we save your good concrete from hitting the landfill and negatively impacting our environment.   When you choose Precision Concrete Lifting to poly-lift your sunken concrete you can feel good knowing you chose the best repair for our environment and at the same time received a strong, fast, and permanent repair.

At Precision Concrete Lifting we like to save the best news for last and that is that along with all we have already discussed our poly-lifting process will save you up to 70 percent over replacement.  When you replace concrete you involve lots of heavy equipment and labor and that drives up the cost of your concrete project.  With poly-lifting we cut out most all of the equipment and lots of labor to give you a quality repair for the right amount of money. 

When you are ready to discuss leveling or lifting of your concrete in the Omaha metro area please call Precision Concrete Lifting for a free assessment.