Concrete Raising

Poorly compacted soils and improper water drainage or runoff are the most common reasons for concrete slab, foundation, and stoop settling or sinking in the Midwest. 

Once this happens a home or business owner is left with only a few viable ways to fix the issue. 

Traditionally, the decision to repair or replace the concrete involved only one repair method, and that was mudjacking.  As we have already discussed our poly foam lifting is an easier and stronger repair that is less invasive and cleaner. 

So far our discussion has been focused around concrete slabs and drives but we can also help you with raising your stoop or stairs.  Many times when a porch stoop or concrete stairs are formed and poured they are not put on a footing or foundation like your home is. 

This means that they are highly susceptible to sinking due to freeze thaw cycles as well as poor soil compaction and this sinking is aided by the sheer weight of the solid concrete stoop or stairs. 

Precision Concrete Lifting can use our foam lifting system to raise the sunken stoop or stairs to meet the existing porch, concrete sidewalk, or approach.  When you choose us for this repair you save money over replacement of that stoop and we will bring it back to level adding value and safety to your home. 

If you are in need of concrete leveling or lifting in the Omaha area please call us so that we can give you a free inspection and estimate.