Concrete Lifting

When thinking about repair versus replacement we all want the same thing and that is the correct repair for the right price.  No one wants to be left with costly or ineffective repairs that leave you feeling like you wasted money.  If you are having issues with your concrete please give us a call for a free estimate.  We will be happy to assess your problem and take the time to explain our system so that you can feel confident that you are getting the best repair for your money.

- Our services also include concrete repairs and cleaning of concrete and brick pavers. Ask us how to provide extra protection to your concrete or brick surfaces with a water-repellent treatment.

- When you choose Precision Concrete Leveling for your lifting project we inject a two part poly foam that will raise sunken concrete to a safe and visually appealing level in a quick and clean process.

- Mudjacking is messy and the weight of the mix can further compress already loose soil.  The large access holes are unsightly and the slurry mix allows water in and can wash out.  Polyurethane is cleaner, lighter and quicker.  The access holes are much smaller and its light weight will not further condense loose soils.

- Sinking concrete slabs can be saved allowing for a uniform appearance while providing a safe surface for your customers and guests.  Our system will raise and save that concrete at a fraction of the replacement cost.

- Precision Concrete Lifting will use a polyurethane foam that will level existing concrete and that concrete will be fully usable when we leave your property.  This saves you time and money when compared to concrete replacement.

- We use  a poly foam that is injected through much smaller holes than traditional mudjacking.  It can lift up to 6000 pounds per Square foot and provides a water tight shell that will not wash away.

- Once you choose us to lift or level your concrete it is important to address any caulking issues that may have led to the concrete instability.  We can caulk any existing joints to provide a water tight barrier against unwanted water intrusion.

- Our services also include Poly Lifting of concrete.  Poly foam can lift your sunken concrete wherever it has occurred.  You can eliminate your trip hazards, pooling of water.   We can lift interior floor slabs, driveways, sidewalks, patios, stoops and pool decks just to name a few.

- Precision Concrete Lifting can save you money when you choose us to lift and repair your existing concrete rather than replace it.  At nearly ½ the cost of replacement we can fix your concrete leaving you with the right repair at the right price.