Concrete Leveling

Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is the better alternative to traditional mudjacking.

Instead of dense and heavy concrete slurry the lifting is achieved by lightweight and easy to use foam.  The poly- foam is installed in 2 parts simultaneously and dries within seconds.  This allows for us to quickly assess the amount of concrete rise to achieve the desired result the first time.  There is no need for additional trips or for excessive waiting for the concrete slurry of mudjacking to cure.

Along with a much faster dry time the foam also weighs significantly less than the concrete mix.  The typical mudjacking application weighs 100 pounds per cubic foot while polyurethane foam weighs 6 pounds or less.  This means that the already loose soil, that allowed the settling in the first place, is not further stressed by the weight of heavy concrete.  Once installed the poly- foam does not absorb water and as such will not allow for future erosion.  Mudjacking materials can and do retain moisture which does allow for water infiltration and possible erosion.  This can lead to additional mudjacking installations.

Mudjacking installation consists of a series of large holes, often between 2 and 4 inches, to be drilled into your concrete slab.  As the material being pumped into the void is thick with rock and concrete these holes are larger and more frequent than in polyurethane foam installations.  The foam installation is done with a 5/8 inch sized holes and requires less holes as the foam is much more viscous and expands much quicker once injected.  Once the installation is completed the small holes are patched and your concrete is ready to use.  There is no additional dry/cure time and when our truck leaves your property your concrete is fully functional.

Concrete replacement is expensive, and is disruptive to your landscaping. It also leaves you with mismatch slabs and days of cure time. For 50 to 70 percent less that same concrete can be lifted in place, with minimal disruption, leaving you with the desired repair in less time and at a significant savings!  So if you are in need of concrete leveling in the Omaha metro area, please call Precision Concrete Lifting so that we can give you a free assessment and estimate.