Poly Lift Cost Savings

Concrete replacement is expensive, and is disruptive to your landscaping.  It also leaves you with mismatch concrete slabs and days of cure time.  For 50 to 70 percent less that same concrete can be lifted in place, with minimal disruption, leaving you with the desired repair in less time and at a significant savings! 

Rather than replacing your good concrete that has simply sunk let us lift your sinking concrete with our polyurethane foam lifting system. Typical concrete replacement takes heavy equipment and almost always results in damaged landscaping.  This is due to the heavy equipment needed to tear out the large slabs and big trucks required to dispose of the old concrete.  This equipment is expensive and makes even small jobs very costly. 

Once you add in the cost of delivering the new concrete and the labor involved in poring and finishing it even a small repair can cost thousands of dollars.  When you choose to lift that sinking slab, rather than replace it, we will lift that concrete without any damage to your landscaping and without the heavy equipment and large costs of replacement.

Along with the cost savings comes times savings as well.  Concrete replacement, along with being expensive, costs you, or your business time.  This loss of time comes from the long curing period of concrete replacement.  When concrete is replaced it takes at least a week for it to cure to the point that it can withstand traffic.  This means that your sidewalk slab will need blocked off for at least a couple of days and your driveway or parking lot will be unusable for at least a week! 

Fortunately, Precision Concrete Lifting has your solution.  For a fraction of the cost of replacement we can lift that sunken concrete and it will be usable when we leave your home or business.  The polyurethane foams rapid dry time means that along with saving you money it will also save you days of aggravation. 

When you are thinking about repair versus replacement please keep us in mind.  We offer free estimates and will take the time to explain the benefits of our system.  We are sure that once you choose Precision Concrete Lifting for your next project you will be satisfied with the entire process from start to finish.    We service the Omaha metro area and would be honored to earn your business.