How To Level Sinking Concrete

Sinking concrete is not only unsightly, it is also dangerous.  If someone trips or falls on your property because of uneven concrete you could be held responsible for their injuries.  For liability reasons alone it is worth talking about what you can do to raise that concrete to provide a safe walk or driveway for your customers or guests. 

In the past your options were to either replace the good, but sinking, concrete or use traditional mudjacking. Concrete replacement is expensive and mudjacking is heavy on your subgrade leaving large unsightly drill holes and the slurry used often washes out and allows water to enter and erode it. 

Precision Concrete Lifting has a better, cleaner, and less expensive way to help you restore that concrete at a fraction of the cost of replacement through Polyurethane foam lifting and leveling. 

Servicing Omaha and the surrounding area, our system is able to lift concrete to level using a two part system that does not start to set until it is mixed and injected through small holes into your sinking concretes subgrade.  Once the two parts are mixed and injected they react and form a watertight lifting agent that will not erode away.  Within seconds the concrete is lifted and within minutes the damaged slab is now level and ready for traffic at strengths of almost 6000 lbs per SF! 

This means you can choose Precision Concrete Leveling and feel confident that you are getting the safe and proper repair that will leave you with the least amount of down time for the least amount of money.